Expanding my horizons..

I have been wanting to move some plants indoors, but too scared that it would “stand” in the way of my ever busy, active son. He is a bit a older now, giving me some hopes to begin my indoor adventure. I had placed pothos plant (Money plant/Devil’s ivy) in a bottle, and it has been a month since, and the plant is surviving my son’s love. I cut a long stem off my pothos plant that is in my balcony pot and used a day old tap water to put my plant it. So far, it is surviving.

In pursuit of more adventure, I have acquired three more houseplants (zanzibar gem plant, arrowhead plant and another one I have no idea what it is 🙂 ). For now, they stay out in the balcony. I will be moving them in when I identify a perfect place so both the plants and my son wouldn’t be disturbed.


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