A crazy new adventure..

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?

Robert Brault.

And this is exactly what we are attempting to do in our apartment. Giving the kids some work tends to get stressful sometimes. But not when we give them the freedom to go crazy with painting, something they would love to do anytime!

We, as a community have decided to make our apartment more green. In pursuit of more greenery, we acquired a few stray pots lying around in our apartments and the kids are putting them to good use (beautifying them with red-oxide). We even got the soil. All that we need are some plants 🙂


Kids painting the pots

I believe in reusing / recycling so much that even my maid knows to not throw away anything that she assumes that I may have use for. In the same context, we are planning on collecting all the recyclable material from all the houses around and sell them to the recycle man and buy plants out of the money.

IMG_20170324_112047 (1)

More to paint

So far, all is well.


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