It will bloom; it will not!

Just yesterday I had been to a friend’s house..just like me, she has some love for plants. We were just looking at the plants that her terrace garden has, and I noticed two rose plants with just long stems and no flowers. She mentioned that those two are the plants that only have male shoots and they will not flower ever and the female stems were destroyed in Vardah cyclone!

I have heard of this “only male shoots phenomenon” before, but I had to find a solution to this, or she will take down the plants. So this is what I have found out from my research.

The “only male shoots” are called the “Blind Shoots”. The causes are not fully understood, although the experts point to the environmental problems that could have occurred. (Maybe, Vardah was a reason here?)

The possible solutions to the problem are:

  1. Cut / trim down the shoot in half. Wait for secondary growth from the plant. Do not hard prune it, you might end up damaging the plant.
  2. Fertilize the plant

So, I am going to be trying this on my friend’s plants now. Happy gardening!


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