Growing Curry Leaf Plant

For years together, I have tried growing curry tree (the plant which produces aromatic leaves that are used in Indian curry) in containers. I have always ended up with dying plant and there was no way I could revive it.  Since the day I planted my first flower plant, I have tried curry tree. I even tried uprooting almost fully grown curry tree from my mom’s to my terrace. Sadly, I ended up killing it.

I assumed there was a specific curry tree variety that grows in Chennai’s hot, humid climate and no plant from my native would survive the heat if moved. This time when my mom brought me two plants, I sceptically placed them between my Ixora and Pomegranate plants. They didn’t die, which gave me hope. I kept moving places, to finally understand one thing! The curry tree loves sun, but not the amount that it receives when placed in full sun. When I finally moved it under the guava plant, it began giving out new shoots! Now, every other day I see a new shoot emerging. To finally realise that curry tree only likes dappled sunlight, gives me new profound knowledge that I constantly share this with anyone that listens to my constant chatter!

Then, I found this – Only plants that we use for their fruits and roots need full sunlight. Those that we use for leaves mostly like partial sunlight! Something that I had to experience to actually learn it!!


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