Sapling status

Of the first batch of seeds that I sowed, the greens are growing well, so are the two Bitter gourd saplings and the Snake gourd saplings (Both are showing signs of emerging tendrils, one of them even got hold of the nearby Broad bean plant!), Radishes are coming along well. I see some signs of growth in the Beet grow bag as well as in the Chilly bag and the Egg plant bag (Brinjal), although I am not sure if they are indeed the seeds that I sowed in the first place! I will update as to what comes of it.

Of the second batch of seeds sowed, two of the Pumpkin seeds have germinated, I am yet to see any growth in the other bags.

Happy Gardening!


PS: I did not take photographs of the new seedlings. Will take one and update shortly.


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