A whole new world of gardening!

I had pruned my Banyan “tree” to fit into my smaller container (I am trying to train the plant to become a bonsai). I had a pretty big branch that I cut down, that I wanted to check if it would grow into a new plant. So I put the cut branch into a small jar of water (mixed with a little bit of ground coconut, don’t ask me why, I just assumed it will give the plant some much needed “energy” to grow into a new plant). After a few days, I only saw that the plant was looking too dull, but the leaves did not fall off. So I just let it be. This morning, I wanted to check if I had to change the water or remove the plant from the jar, and what a sight! Tiny new roots are emerging all around the end of the branch that was cut! My first experiment that went well, I should say 🙂

A Beautiful morning!

It was a beautiful morning and I sat up in the terrace for almost 4 hours to fix up my grow bags with soil mix (soil, compost, goat manure, cow manure, coco peat mix) and even transplanted all my okra (ladies finger), snake gourd and bitter gourd saplings into individual bags!


One step at a time.

So far, 4 of my Strawberry plants have died, some of my heat-tolerant plants are not looking too healthy, I had to move my 2 year old Mango plant under the shades of the Ixora plant, as the leaves withered away. With all this happening, I had to urgently do something about it. My dear hubby suggests bringing up the shade net on some part of the terrace, so I can place some of those not-so heat tolerant plants under the net. Chennai has not even become a hot place yet! I can’t imagine how the plants will survive!


Shade net, coming right up!

The Amaryllis trouble!

I did not realise this until yesterday, the Amaryllis plants blooms in the perfect season, only provided it gets only the right amount of sun. My Amaryllis plant has been receiving all day sun and fertilisers every single time I use on the other plants. I have only ever seen it bloom once in its lifetime, whereas these plants next door get only about 2 hours sun a day. They bloom exactly on season! Every.Single.Time.


Amaryllis bulb


The flowers on time!

I just moved my pot. Hopefully, I have done it right this time.

The waiting…

This curry leaf plant hit a very long dormancy period, only because I put it in the direct sunlight area. Although it received only about 3 hours sunlight, the plant still wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t grow. I moved it to a more shady place under the Sappodilla (Chikoo / Sapota) plant and after one whole month of waiting, there is new growth!


Change of plans

I am changing the sowing pattern a bit, that is, moving on from sowing every 10 days to every 15 days. Last night, I sat up and calculated the number of grow bags I would need to sustain the whole year, just 3 cycles of sowing and repotting would require at least 132 bags! that is in 90 days!! And I can’t imagine the amount of soil I need for the bags. So to reduce my resource costs, I have planned to move on to 15 days cycle. My onions have not germinated yet, and I am not sure how I am going to be replanting them. Will update on them shortly.

The altered sowing plan will be:

Altered Sowing plan 9 Apr 2017


Why containers are better off sometimes…

When I planted two mint sticks in my pots, my dear hubby suggested I plant them in my common wall planter area in the terrace. I replanted them after a few “discussions” on the common wall planter area. I have been told that mint plants have to be controlled, only realised them after actually planting them in the common wall.

To all new beginnings…

The seeds that I sowed on the 30th March as per the sowing plan, have begun to germinate. I am not sure how long it takes for all the seeds to germinate. But the ones that have germinated so far are: Radish, Okra (Ladies Finger), Snake Gourd, Bitter gourd and the greens (I sowed Amaranthus Tropical – Siru Keerai in Tamil).

Radish and Greens germinated in two days, Okra in three days, Snake Gourd and Bitter Gourd in seven days. By the time I complete the entire cycle, I will have a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t.






Snake gourd


Bitter gourd

Once upon a Strawberry plant!

The mommy Strawberry plant and two of its babies are dying and I am not sure I am ready to let go!

So it happened on one of the beautiful mornings that my Pomegranate plant got infested with some unknown bugs that caused some stickiness in the skin of the pomegranate fruit. As a quick remedy I used wood ash on the plant and all the plants in my terrace garden, including my Strawberry plants. The only guess is that I must have added a little much wood ash than the plant can handle and now the plant is almost gone!

Until I research right, I am not using wood ash on Strawberry plants!