A Parrot and a Story

Cyclone Vardah uprooted three trees in our apartment. This particular tree was almost destroyed too, with its roots almost uprooted, in the verge of falling anytime. The community people decided to uproot it by pulling it out of its place. Since the bulldozers and other machines were busy elsewhere, we could not get the right people to come help our small community. We tore down every branch of the trees that uprooted, clearing up our path.

This tree did not budge with all our strength put together in bringing it down. Although we knew we were in danger of the tree falling off someone’s car or kids while they play, we had to let go because we could not get the equipment at that time.

Before and after

2020 Vs 2016

Just look at the tree standing tall three years later and showing off its splendid colours. Do you spot the parrot sitting on the tree top on one of its branches?


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