While I had a family emergency and was away for a few months, I had my ever never flowering Amaryllis bloom!

I have tried placing the plant under all kinds of position and had given up assuming maybe I have a rare kind of Amaryllis that never flower. I had them uprooted the bulbs because the leaves withered away and I gave them one last chance and moved them into a tiny pot since it is going to be only foliage.

The position I put the Amaryllis plant now will get exactly about 1 hour evening sun, the one that wont hurt anyone even if you stand in the heat for 20 minutes straight. That is the exact same position that the Amaryllis plant wants to live in, apparently.

New hopes, New dreams

I have been away for quite a long time. All this while, I tore down my entire terrace garden plants, moved the perennials to a new home, cleared up the space after the vege-plants withered away, went into hibernation for a long time.

When I woke up from hibernation, finally something dawned on me – that I can never grow out of the constant urge of planting something, watching them grow.

While I saved a few plants from my old batch, my pruned banyan tree still survives. In fact, three months ago I removed it from the soil and wrapped it in my old used cloth material and put it in a container and placed it indoors; it is growing wonderfully!


I have also rescued two more tiny plants, one more banyan and an adenium plant and placed them indoors. These tiny saplings are showing promise of life 🙂

Will be sharing more soon.

In pursuit of an optimal method.

I have grown plants from seeds, I have even managed to grow a handful out of the cuttings from the mother plant. But I have never grown a plant using the soak-drain-place in wet cloth-let it sprout method.


Sprouts of the beans

I have done this a million times to make sprout salad (with mung bean, chick pea, brown bean), but never used this method to really grow plants. As a test (or as some sort of a sowing-growing versus alternate method race), I have also sown the seeds of Cassia Fistula (Common name: Golden shower tree, Tamil: Sarakondrai) in soil and have soaked some of them in water for 24 hours and placed it in a damp cloth.


Soaked Golden Shower tree seeds

Now, all I can do is wait. Happy Gardening!

The magic!

As far as I know, Adenium plants have the capacity to be re-grown through cuttings of the mother plant. I tried the last time, but did not bother to take care of it well. But this time, since I had success growing my banyan plant from the mother plant’s cutting, I wanted to try the same method on Adenium as well. After a week, the bigger leaves dried away, and I just assumed the cuttings will take time and left it at that. Now I see new growth in the leaves, but no new roots. I do not want to jinx this or anything, but I am beginning to think that Adenium cuttings can sustain growing in water. Time will tell.

Happy gardening!

Patience is the key!

When I had pruned my banyan tree, i found three roots, one was very thick but not connected to the plant and there were two tiny roots which had shoots emerging. The first time around, I didn’t realise that this could be the Banyan’s branching out shoots and nipped the tiny shoot. When I saw the second one, I realised it could be Banyan’s and moved it over to a tiny cup and filled it up with soil. I also moved the big root to a single small cup and filled it with soil and have been watering them since then. I have never had grown shoots out of bare roots before, so I wasn’t sure if this will work either. Just this morning, I had to turn the big bare root to witness new life emerging! Nature has its own way of reclamation!

Hydrangeas in Chennai

Hydrangeas do well in part sun/shade in Chennai. Mine only gets sunlight for one hour in the evening, and I should say, the leaves are healthy looking and are even giving out new shoots. Evening/ early morning works best, because the sun is not too hot at the time. It is best, to let the plant be on shade the rest of the time.

Did you know you can make the flower change colours from pink to blue and back? The pink coloured flower is because the pH of the soil is alkaline and the blue colour is because the pH of soil is more acidic. You can try using garden lime to get pink flowers or coffee grounds to make the soil more acidic (in turn, make the flowers bloom all blue). Do not do it in concentrated solutions, ensure that it is very very diluted and use it sparingly. The flowers will not change colour immediately, you need to give it some days.

This does not work for white or cream Hydrangeas.

PS: If the plants grow in concrete pots / walk ways, it might be hard to make them change colours, as it will be absorbing lime from the concrete, which will make it tough to change colour.


A whole new world of gardening!

I had pruned my Banyan “tree” to fit into my smaller container (I am trying to train the plant to become a bonsai). I had a pretty big branch that I cut down, that I wanted to check if it would grow into a new plant. So I put the cut branch into a small jar of water (mixed with a little bit of ground coconut, don’t ask me why, I just assumed it will give the plant some much needed “energy” to grow into a new plant). After a few days, I only saw that the plant was looking too dull, but the leaves did not fall off. So I just let it be. This morning, I wanted to check if I had to change the water or remove the plant from the jar, and what a sight! Tiny new roots are emerging all around the end of the branch that was cut! My first experiment that went well, I should say 🙂