Welcoming new plant babies!

With all the hustle bustle about the virus, a whole year just whizzed past without a trace. We used up the time to redo our home. So all is not lost. We kept out positivity through the year by working out, sharing movie time and spending the evenings together. How did you guys spend your time?

With the home all set now, my hubby dearest took me on a surprise shopping on account of my birthday. And I surprised myself and got me ton loads of new plant babies home 🙂

From a common succulent to an exotic Hydrangea (I am going to make this work, this time), everything’s got a new home.

New plant babies
New plant babies

Hopeful of all the new experiences, welcoming the new year.

The magic!

As far as I know, Adenium plants have the capacity to be re-grown through cuttings of the mother plant. I tried the last time, but did not bother to take care of it well. But this time, since I had success growing my banyan plant from the mother plant’s cutting, I wanted to try the same method on Adenium as well. After a week, the bigger leaves dried away, and I just assumed the cuttings will take time and left it at that. Now I see new growth in the leaves, but no new roots. I do not want to jinx this or anything, but I am beginning to think that Adenium cuttings can sustain growing in water. Time will tell.

Happy gardening!

A whole new world of gardening!

I had pruned my Banyan “tree” to fit into my smaller container (I am trying to train the plant to become a bonsai). I had a pretty big branch that I cut down, that I wanted to check if it would grow into a new plant. So I put the cut branch into a small jar of water (mixed with a little bit of ground coconut, don’t ask me why, I just assumed it will give the plant some much needed “energy” to grow into a new plant). After a few days, I only saw that the plant was looking too dull, but the leaves did not fall off. So I just let it be. This morning, I wanted to check if I had to change the water or remove the plant from the jar, and what a sight! Tiny new roots are emerging all around the end of the branch that was cut! My first experiment that went well, I should say 🙂

Expanding my horizons..

I have been wanting to move some plants indoors, but too scared that it would “stand” in the way of my ever busy, active son. He is a bit a older now, giving me some hopes to begin my indoor adventure. I had placed pothos plant (Money plant/Devil’s ivy) in a bottle, and it has been a month since, and the plant is surviving my son’s love. I cut a long stem off my pothos plant that is in my balcony pot and used a day old tap water to put my plant it. So far, it is surviving.

In pursuit of more adventure, I have acquired three more houseplants (zanzibar gem plant, arrowhead plant and another one I have no idea what it is 🙂 ). For now, they stay out in the balcony. I will be moving them in when I identify a perfect place so both the plants and my son wouldn’t be disturbed.