The magic!

As far as I know, Adenium plants have the capacity to be re-grown through cuttings of the mother plant. I tried the last time, but did not bother to take care of it well. But this time, since I had success growing my banyan plant from the mother plant’s cutting, I wanted to try the same method on Adenium as well. After a week, the bigger leaves dried away, and I just assumed the cuttings will take time and left it at that. Now I see new growth in the leaves, but no new roots. I do not want to jinx this or anything, but I am beginning to think that Adenium cuttings can sustain growing in water. Time will tell.

Happy gardening!

The endless possibilities…experimented

With the success in growing roots for the Banyan, I cut some branches of the Desert Rose (Adenium) that grow in the common cement wall in the terrace garden and placed them in containers, with the cut end touching the water. I am not sure if I need to add some “energy” liquids like the last time. For now, they stay in water for a week. Will update on this shortly.

Happy Gardening!