The endless possibilities…experimented

With the success in growing roots for the Banyan, I cut some branches of the Desert Rose (Adenium) that grow in the common cement wall in the terrace garden and placed them in containers, with the cut end touching the water. I am not sure if I need to add some “energy” liquids like the last time. For now, they stay in water for a week. Will update on this shortly.

Happy Gardening!

A whole new world of gardening!

I had pruned my Banyan “tree” to fit into my smaller container (I am trying to train the plant to become a bonsai). I had a pretty big branch that I cut down, that I wanted to check if it would grow into a new plant. So I put the cut branch into a small jar of water (mixed with a little bit of ground coconut, don’t ask me why, I just assumed it will give the plant some much needed “energy” to grow into a new plant). After a few days, I only saw that the plant was looking too dull, but the leaves did not fall off. So I just let it be. This morning, I wanted to check if I had to change the water or remove the plant from the jar, and what a sight! Tiny new roots are emerging all around the end of the branch that was cut! My first experiment that went well, I should say 🙂